ARD shows the climate transition with enocoo

von | 12 / 08 / 2020 | Information center

“W wie Wissen” (“K for Knowledge”) is the name of an ambitious ARD format that shows how it's done. In this case, the energy transition with the enocoo intelligent management system in Mannheim-FRANKLIN. “Future living - already possible today” is the title of the feature. The residents also have their say.

They talk about their experiences. They enjoy living in the neighborhood and also explain when they use their electrical devices. The “energy traffic light” helps them, as it does everyone else who works with enocoo. Every 15 minutes it shows the residents in each apartment the availability of electricity. If the traffic light shows green, the electricity costs next to nothing; if it shows red, it is more expensive, but the price is still below that of other electricity providers. With enocoo, the energy transition is cheaper and affordable.

The film also explains the enocoo technology. Solar power is also used to operate the electric heat pumps. Depending on the intensity of the sun, the energy management system reacts flexibly. If there is less solar power, it delays the heating of the heat pumps, for example, in the best case until there is enough solar power again. If there is excess solar power, it is used first to heat the hot water tanks, and then fed into the batteries and the electric cars. Only after that is it fed into the public grid. Here you can live CO2 -free, according to the film.

You can watch the film here

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