"Zum Dammfelde"

Köln (im Bau, Fertigstellung 2024)


Residential units: 71

Living/usable area (in sqm): 7203

Number of charging stations: 70

Installed PV power (kw/peak): 213


"Neue Mitte"

Graben-Neudorf (Fertigstellung 2023)


Residential units: 148

Living/usable area (in sqm): 15917

Number of charging stations: 150

Installed PV power (kw/peak): 504


"Franklin Quartier"

Mannheim (Fertigstellung letztes Baufeld 2023)


Residential units: 340

Living/usable area (in sqm): 31283

Number of charging stations: 265

Installed PV power (kw/peak): 875



Hilden (2015)


Residential units: 69

Living/usable area (in sqm): 6335

Number of charging stations: 70

Installed PV power (kw/peak): 172


"anders wohnen"

Cologne-Widdersdorf (2014)


Residential units: 81

Living/usable area (in sqm): 7985

Number of charging stations: 2

Installed PV power (kw/peak): 235

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