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Stop climate change

Have you heard of Svante Arrhenius? “We are blowing our coal mines into the air. It would be easy for this change to heat up the planet to such an extent that it would be beyond all human experience,” said the Swedish chemist and Nobel Prize winner back in the day. Back in the day means 1896.

It is hard to believe how long it has taken people to recognise the heating of the earth, which many trivially call climate change, as a life-threatening threat. It is serious. We need to take effective action quickly.

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To halt climate change, we must meet our energy demand wherever possible through CO2-free, regenerative sources. Beyond that, however, it is also important to use the energy generated in a more sensible way. Our goal is a climate-neutral society without CO2

We are convinced that we will only achieve the climate targets if as many people as possible take advantage of the new possibilities of decentralized CO2-free energy supply. In addition to our ecological responsibility, we therefore also believe that we have a social responsibility.

With enocoo, we want to make a significant contribution to reducing the greenhouse gas CO2 That is our aspiration and we are up for it.


Continuous optimization

Our highly motivated specialists plan, develop, install and operate energy management systems for new residential neighborhoods and for large existing properties.

Our intelligent energy management system creates the technological conditions for decentralized, CO2-free energy supply: this solution uses artificial intelligence to ensure optimal control of the communal generation, storage, and use of self-generated energy within the residential neighborhoods.

We combine clever technologies into an intelligent overall system that is constantly learning. Artificial intelligence enables continuous optimization of the system control and forms the essential basis for maximum utilization of the self-produced energy.

Our enocoo system is already working reliably and the residents in Mannheim-FRANKLIN, Cologne and Düsseldorf, for example, are happy with it. We would like to invite you to visit us to find out more.


Research projects and scientific cooperation

Since we started, we have been working together with renowned German and European scientists. We invest our own financial resources into research projects that are also funded by the Federal Government and the European Union, among others.


Built residential units*

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*Stand: 01.01.2024

Our history


Our founder Heinz Hanen is an architect and urban planner. For him, building, mobility and energy are inextricably linked. Since the beginning, we have planned holistically. Energy management is the key to combating climate change.


The start

evohaus IRQ GmbH is set up

With his intelligent energy management system, the pioneer wants to make optimal use of the self-generated energy.


The very first project

First energy management system

This is the first time the energy management system has been used in Germany. In Hilden and Cologne, people are benefiting from a total of 151 homes.



The new generation

The new generation of the enocoo energy management system is used in 350 homes, one kindergarten and social premises in the FRANKLIN district of Mannheim.


enocoo GmbH

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