The average CO2 saving will depend on the construction standard (EnEv/KFW 55) and heating system
(oil/gas/pellets/WP with hourly fuel mix) between 1.8 and 3.8 t CO2 /year/residential unit.

Our service from planning to implementation

Needs analysis

We simulate the energy needs in new builds and existing real estate and provide you with concepts for the exclusive use of regenerative energy.

For existing real estate we analyze the energy requirements and highlight potential savings.

TGA planning (HOAI LPH 1-7)

We plan your TGA project through all phases of the HOAI up to the awarding of the contract. This includes, among other things, the areas of heating, ventilation, sanitation as well as electrical and power generation systems and network technology.

Implementing the energy management system

enocoo is programmed to use only self-generated electricity as far as possible. This includes heat pumps for heating and domestic hot water, as well as charging stations for e-mobility and all energy storage technologies. 

A website for the residents provides information about the values in their residential estate and self-consumption values.

The forecast load profiles with energy surpluses can also be accessed via a web service.

    Implementing the metering service

    We measure all consumption and generation meters every 15 minutes and prepare heating and energy bills for them using 15-minute electricity prices.

        Implementing system monitoring

        All components of the energy system are cyclically and digitally monitored. In the event of a fault, the responsible tradesmen are automatically alerted in real time.

        In case of deviations from standard behavior, our employees are informed at the same time, and they then take remedial action.

            Construction supervision / quality assurance (HOAI LPH 8)

            Our specialists ensure that the planning for the entire energy management system is implemented professionally and that it functions accurately. 

            Every advance in the construction is documented and maintainability is ensured by creating meaningful revision documents.

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