What if there was a smart way for homes to control their energy consumption?

enocoo - energy no CO2 - this is what enocoo stands for - the intelligent management system for the generation, storage and use of self-generated, CO2-free energy in large residential neighborhoods.

– Intelligence for Residence Quarters (IRQ)


The energy management system which cuts out CO2 and reduces costs.

For developers, enocoo meets all legal requirements for climate protection and designs customized solutions to connect heat, electricity and transport without greenhouse gases, including installation, maintenance, monitoring and billing.

enocoo concept

The energy generated jointly by all residents from renewable sources is used almost entirely by the residents themselves via a self-learning energy management system.

Our services

enocoo provides support right from the planning stage of energy management for new residential neighborhoods and also develops credible solutions for you to implement the legal requirements for climate protection in existing neighborhoods.

Reference projects

Our enocoo system is already working reliably and the residents in the new FRANKLIN district in Mannheim are happy with it. We would like to invite you to visit us to find out more.


Advantages for intelligent neighborhood management software

The enocoo energy management system lets you achieve all legal requirements for climate protection for new buildings and existing properties.

Protecting the climate by avoiding CO2emissions

enocoo's impressive system regulates the avoidance of CO2 using a self-learning system to control energy consumption.

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Radical reduction of energy costs

Only the use of renewable energy sources ensures favorable prices. The more efficient, the cheaper it is.

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Less pressure on the public grids

The decentralized supply of energy to residential neighborhoods takes significant presure off the public grids.

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Information center

Interesting facts about housing construction

Here you can find out the latest information about new trends in housing construction, changes in the law and administrative regulations.


Constitutional judges call for greater commitment to climate protection

In a landmark decision, the Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfG) overturns the Climate Protection Act because it does not sufficiently protect “the natural foundations of life, also in responsibility for future generations”. This also has a major impact on housing construction.

Digital energy and data management

Highly-intelligent energy management systems should ensure CO2-free energy supply to our local communities. enocoo not only optimizes energy consumption, but also significantly reduces utility costs for users. This requires large amounts of personal data. In the European...

ARD shows the climate transition with enocoo

“W wie Wissen” (“K for Knowledge”) is the name of an ambitious ARD format that shows how it's done. In this case, the energy transition with the enocoo intelligent management system in Mannheim-FRANKLIN. “Future living - already possible today” is the title of the feature. The residents also have their say.

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