We ensure the maximum use of self-produced energy and radically reduce residents' energy costs


Real estate companies

Use energy management to build efficiently and CO2free

Advantages for property developers
  • We design customized solutions to connect heating, electricity and mobility;
  • We install the intelligent energy management system including the storage and charging stations for e-mobiles
  • We take care of the programming, maintenance, and monitoring of the system
  • We take over the billing of the entire energy management system for each individual household
  • We manage the purchase of green electricity from the grid for the entire neighborhood and negotiate with the energy suppliers.
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In the near future, property developers will be obliged to construct only CO2-free neighborhoods. It is not enough just to use renewable energy for this, but it should generally also be produced on site. In addition to new technologies, this requires intelligent energy management systems that also include, in particular, the mobility of the residents. enocoo supports property developers in their project planning and the implementation of their energy management system to comply with climate protection laws.


Intelligent energy management means low additional costs

Advantages for residents

Because enocoo relies on renewable energy (photovoltaics, wind power, geothermal energy), residents are completely spared the high CO2-price.

There are other benefits:

  • the use of renewable energies makes residents independent of oil, gas, and coal and any price increases.
  • enocoo guarantees a high level of supply security through a highly developed green power storage system.
  • the high level of consumption (more than 80%) of the self-generated electricity in the neighborhood reduces the costs to 20-30 per cent of the usual amount.
  • with enocoo, residents easily meet the heating transition requirements because their heating is also powered by inexpensive green electricity.
  • enocoo uses an energy traffic light to provide information about the current price of energy every 15 minutes. As a result, electricity is consumed at the most sensible times.
  • enocoo provides residents with a smooth service, because they do not have to worry about their energy supply.
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Given the high cost of purchasing or renting an apartment, the ancillary costs are becoming increasingly important for developers and landlords - they are known as the 2nd rent. Energy prices in particular have really exploded in recent years. The costs for electricity, heating and hot water have increased significantly due to shortages and political conflicts. In the future, CO2-pricing will also be added. It will increase from 25 euros/t CO2 (2021) to 55-65 euros/t CO2 (2026).

The historical trends in CO2pricing can be seen here.


Intelligent energy management produces high quality of life

Advantages for municipalities

Their decentralized self-sufficiency in the energy sector will save significant investment into infrastructure in the public grids. There are other advantages as well:

  • The low energy price also enables families with small and medium incomes to live in districts with a greater diversity of residents.
  • socially balanced neighborhood communities
  • high air quality guarantees a healthy climate
  • Easing the burden on public electricity grids through self-production and self-consumption
  • lower development and infrastructure costs
  • significant image gain as a CO2-free living space 
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The imminent climate catastrophe also creates major new challenges, especially for urban planners in the municipal authorities. Municipalities planning new residential districts today need to rethink the concepts for electricity, heating, and transport. enocoo meets all the requirements for a holistic energy system for these areas and avoids the emission of the environmental toxin CO2. With intelligent energy management systems, municipalities achieve a better quality of life for their residents and also save costs. New regulations to avoid CO2 will mean far more regulation for the construction industry, municipalities and citizens, such as the installation of photovoltaic systems on all new buildings. enocoo also provides a guarantee that the laws in this area have been implemented, it maximizes the use of self-produced energy and radically reduces the energy costs of all residents. Now, saving the planet is no longer a chore.

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