Our energy management system is taking residential construction into the CO2 -free era.

The energy management system which cuts out CO2 and at the same time reduces costs.

enocoo causes energy costs to drop for all users to around 20-25 percent of other traditional systems. With enocoo, saving the environment doesn't cost more, it significantly lowers costs for consumers.


enocoo is a system based on artificial intelligence and continues to learn independently.


enocoo only uses electricity from regenerative sources and ensures high levels of own consumption.


enocoo lowers energy prices and thus ensures that people on medium and low incomes can participate in the energy transition.


enocoo has integrated its own data protection system developed in cooperation with senior scientists.

How the enocoo system works

How the enocoo system works

Our intelligent energy management system creates the technological conditions for a decentralized, CO2 free energy supply: our solution uses artificial intelligence to optimally control the joint generation, storage, and use of self-generated energy within residential neighborhoods.

We combine clever technologies into an intelligent overall system that is constantly learning. Artificial intelligence enables the system control to be optimized constantly and forms the foundation for maximum use of self-produced energy.

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Previously, the heating sector has always been left out. In terms of the energy transition, Germany has concentrated primarily on electricity generation. But this is nowhere near enough. We also need a heating transition. Without it, there is no way to avert the climate catastrophe successfully, because buildings need more than a third of our total energy requirements.  

This is where enocoo comes in with its new, intelligent system. Structural change is not only limited to energy production, but energy management is also becoming much more important than was initially assumed. Ultimately, what matters is how we manage the use and storage of electricity. This is the only way we can ensure energy security, which is crucial for our survival.


All residents participate in the common production of electricity.

All residents participate in the common production of electricity.

The only energy source for household power, hot water and heating in the residential neighborhood is electricity.


How does enocoo work?

  • The system produces electrical energy.
  • Firstly, the energy is used to supply household electricity and electromobility.
  • Secondly, it is used to pump groundwater and provide thermal energy through heat pumps.
  • Buffer tanks and used to supply hot water to the heating system and household.
  • If there is excess energy, the storage tanks are filled.
  • The power only flows into the public grid once all the storage tanks are full.
  • Electricity is only purchased from the grid if neither the company's own production nor the storage facilities can cover the energy demand. This electricity must also be generated using a 100% CO2-free method.

What does enocoo provide?

  • =Every 15 minutes, enocoo compares the current demand with the energy supply.
  • =enocoo is connected to weather stations, enabling it to calculate the potential energy production for the relevant residential area for 48-72 hours in advance.
  • =The energy management system collects all data on consumption and uses this to calculate the energy costs for the individual households.
  • =Our own monitoring system ensures a stable energy supply.
  • =Every resident can find out about their personal energy consumption at any time using a neighborhood app.
  • =An “energy traffic light” installed in every home tells the residents about the electricity price every 15 minutes.
  • =A specially developed security system protects the residents' data.

enocoo ensures data privacy

enocoo and data privacy

An energy management system only works well if there is sufficient data available to control it. The more data, the more intelligently and purposefully energy can be stored and used.

This is where problems could arise. The more sensitive data that are collected and stored, the greater the risk of misuse. The data obtained using the energy management system could be used to work out when people are at home and what their usage habits are. For example: when is the computer on, when is the TV on, when is the washing machine running, when is someone cooking, when does someone get up, how often does someone go to the bathroom at night? Even that would be possible.

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The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that data subjects must always give their consent to data processing. Of course, this also applies to the residents where enocoo is used. They must also agree in advance to the use of their personal data.

However, this is not enough. The GDPR also requires that data be made anonymous and only used for the specified purpose, while complying with the principle of data minimization.

Precisely because the protection of personal data is so important, enocoo has implemented additional safeguards. These were developed with scientists from KIT as part of a research project funded by the German government and guarantee the protection of personal data.

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